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Secondary school tuition starts once a child who has sat for their PSLE enters secondary school. Secondary school tuition is even more complex than primary school where more streaming of students occurs. Secondary education takes a total of 4 or 5 years with the years being divided into the first two years of lower secondary and then 2 or 3 more years at upper secondary years 3, 4 or 5,with special, express or normal streams. Normal stream is further divided into academic and technical with an emphasis on taking more technical subjects in the technical stream, culminating in the sitting of the O level GCE exams. At this level, students are prepared to enter the world of specialised higher learning at JC.


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Lower Secondary School Tuition

Lower secondary consists of secondary 1 and secondary 2. In these first two years of high school students learn more complex content than what they were used to in primary school. They now have to study humanities in history, geography and literature as well as principles of accounting or POA in addition to English, math, mother tongue and science. With the workload now increased, students will need extra help in understanding the new subjects and even how to answer exam questions. A class teacher in the school environment will do their best to teach the newcomers into secondary but will not have the time to reach each child individually to grasp where they are struggling. This is where the finding a good home  tutor comes in. With a private tutor, your children will not only be given ample attention on a one on one basis to understand the new subjects and added content but will have the occasion to do so in an environment that is relaxed. The tutor will be able to gauge which subjects are giving your children trouble and then work on their weak areas for them to improve and catch up in class.

Upper Secondary School Tuition.

Here they are now streamed into the express, special and normal classes. Science now being split into physics, biology and chemistry and a choice of taking mother tongue, higher mother tongue, and one humanity including a mother tongue literature and one pure science subject or a combination of two sciences. It is important while at lower secondary your children are able to identify their strengths and what they enjoy learning most to pass well in, so that it is easy for them to choose the subject combinations they want to take in upper secondary wisely. With a good home tutor this choice is made very easy for your children, particularly if they have already been taking home based tuition. Other than mastering the subjects well, upper secondary GCE O level exams are what determine who will enter JC. It is therefore so important that students are prepared adequately for these exams by a good recommended home tutor. The tutor is able to help your children pick the most suitable combinations and further hone their understanding and learning of the same. Do not leave your children to make the most crucial decisions that will build into a life long career without secondary school private tuition.


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