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Primary School Tuition starts from Primary 1 and ends at Primary 6 culminating in the children taking the Primary School Leaving Exam or PSLE before joining secondary school. They typical age of Primary school children is between 7 and 12. These are young minds that have just begun the formal learning processes beyond the basics after preschool where they learn how to read and write. They are now being introduced to critical thinking and exams. It is at this stage that parents and teachers ought to create and form lasting positive studying habits for the children so that they can take it with them all through their academic life.


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Lower Primary School Tuition

Lower primary school tuition starts at Primary 1 to Primary 3. Here the children will be taught core subjects; English, math, Chinese, Tamil and Malay mother tongues. Science, is introduced in P3. They will in addition be taught other subjects such as music, art and crafts, social studies, physical education, civics and health education. It can be quite intimidating for a lower primary entrant to move from the informality and play learning of a kindergarten to the impersonal and highly structured classroom setting where play is limited to the physical education lesson and breaks. Your children can be eased into this system of primary school tuition by a good home based tutor. Once you get a tutor who will set the pace for your children at home in a relaxed environment, then they will have an easier time at school with the subjects.

Upper Primary School Tuition.

Upper primary school tuition begins from primary 4 to 6. Here the pace of learning and exams increases as this is where the children are streamed after the primary 4 class according to their learning ability in the different subjects in a scheme known as subject based banding. The students are placed in groups where they are taught according to their capacity and learning pace. It is here that children are introduced to multiple exams for their teachers to categorise them according to their ability. The children still learn the same subjects found in lower primary but the content is graduated. The pressure that children experience at this stage is best handled by a home tutor who will easily pick up the problem areas the children have better than a class teacher in their one on one sessions.

Prepare Your Children For Primary School Leaving Exams (PSLE)

The most important time in the life of primary school children is when they have to sit for the Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE). Having this in mind, every child is preparing for this event in all the exams they do during the six years of primary school education. The private tutor will be able to help them master exam questions and techniques and get them used to exams in a comfortable environment such that when they do them in school, they are not anxious. The tutor will also help your children better understand the subjects they find difficult and improve on them. Noting that children are selected to secondary school based on their exam results, home tutors are the perfect solution to give them the best preparation to enter a good secondary school.



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