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Physics falls into the group of sciences that deals with matter and energy. It is a logical and critical thinking subject that entails both mathematical formulas and theories. It creates the basis of how many things work in the intangible world of science. The subject is taken in O and A level secondary years and many students prefer to avoid it if they can, when they reach the elective stage of choosing the sciences to proceed with. This is taking the easy way out but with our physics tutor, your children need not take the easy way out but take the bull by the horns and master physics.

So Why Do We Study Physics? Your Child's Physics Tuition Explained.

Physics forms the base for many of the things that operate around us. From the electrical currents that powers our appliances and equipment, to the way our cars and industrial machines run, and believe it or not when we are using a simple machine such as a knife to cut meat, we are applying physics! Many students see physics as a bothersome and mind numbing subject which they cannot relate to the real world but with a good physics tutor who loves teaching physics and understands the concepts that underlie it, they will begin to relate it to how things work and find it more engaging and fun to the point of challenging their teachers in school with well thought out questions from sessions they have had with a home physics tutor.

Where is Physics used? Not Just By Physics Tutors.

What motivation do your children have to learn physics? The grand motivation for people to work is to get paid very well and the best news is that if your children excels in physics, they stand a chance of being employed in top notch blue chip companies that require people in their research and development departments to come up with new inventions, medical physics for radiology treatments for diseases like cancer, electrical engineers whom we need to make sure that we have power in our homes and industries, computer science for our information and communication gadgets such as mobile phones, computers and most recently, tablets and ipads, architects, pilots and so many more handsomely paying jobs. They can also become an entrepreneur and sell their innovations for world solutions. The world will be just a playing field for them to expand their physics knowledge but you have to take the first step of engaging a physics tutor.

Why Get Extra Physics Tuition?

Physics is a wide subject with many mathematical and theoretical aspects and the limited time in a standard class will never be enough for teachers to teach thoroughly well as they also have their curriculum targets to meet, leaving the students to figure out a lot on their own. For many students, the only way they can pass physics exams is to memorize by rote and thereafter forget everything quickly, sabotaging the foundational basic knowledge they have to make for the next class. With a physics tutor, your children do not need to cram by rote. They will be taken through the concepts and helped to understand how to think through the formulas and give rational explanations for their answers, helping them find the subject easier and more enjoyable to study.


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