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The GCE O Level examination is taken by all students who are graduating from secondary school. The exams are taken nationwide to give students results that will be used to grant them entry into a junior college for a two year programme or a polytechnic or Pre University at Millennia Institute for a three year course leading up to the A level exams. The competition at the O level exams is very stiff since the quality of the results determine which post secondary institution the students will go to. Many students need help for O level tuition if they have to make the required 20 points and below for the L1R5 subjects required to get into a junior college and the relevant L1R4 subjects required to get into Pre University.

The L1R5 scoring system to get into a junior college requires that students do well in one first language either English or a higher mother tongue and 5 relevant subjects which must include maths and science, a humanities subject and any other subject. The adding up of the points scored in these combined 6 subjects will determine who gets in. Many junior colleges require that O level results are below 15 points to gain entry. The scoring system can be quite a complicated affair but for students who have extra help from an O level tuition teacher, they are well on their way to achieving the desired results.

In the case of entry into a polytechnic or the Millennia Institute, the scoring system is based on L1R4 or 1 first language and 4 relevant subjects and for the polytechnics the L1R2B2 scoring system of 1 first language plus 2 relevant subjects and 2 best subjects. A student therefore needs to strategize carefully to do well according to the A level institution they want to get into. Considering that admission is on merit, competition is fierce and only the best get admitted.

It should be a concern for every parent to be interested in the higher education of their children as the O level results not only determine which post secondary institution the children get into but also carves a path to their university education and future careers. It is therefore appropriate to have a head start for them by getting O level tuition.

School teachers are very overwhelmed by the system and can only teach what is expected of them in the rigorous syllabus, but a tutor can concentrate on students' O level tuition subjects core weakness to boost their performance and help them improve where they are lagging behind particularly in the language, science and math subjects which must count in the scoring systems. PSJ is the right O level tuition agency for weak students and those who want to perform above average. Being ex and current MOE teachers, the tutors know what is required for scoring highly in these exams and to help your children get used to exam questions by reviewing past O level exam papers and helping them master the exam question answering techniques.


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