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JC tuition is the only way for many students to keep up with the competition for good grades and entry to do highly marketable courses at the university. Junior College is a 2 year course culminating into the GCE A level exam which will determine entry into a university. Your child has finally made it to JC after successfully completing the secondary O level exam and passing well. However, challenges galore accompany this new level.

When a student from secondary school enters Junior College, it is a whole new ball game all together. They have to master the rules of yet another level to succeed. The Ministry of Education subscribes that all junior college students take a combination of 3 H2 subjects and 1 H1 subject or a combination of 4 H2 subjects and one H1 subject. The subjects combinations vary in different colleges but subjects offered fall broadly into the science and maths group subject and arts and humanities group subjects. However, students have to make sure that they do contrasting subjects in their combinations, that is science stream students have to do a humanities or arts related subject and vice versa for the humanities and arts students' stream.

JC tuition Subjects include H1 and H2 math, physics, biology and chemistry and H2 computing. Languages include H1 Chinese, Tamil and Malay. French, German and Japanese qualify as both H1 and H2 Languages. The Humanities and Arts group subjects include H1 and H2 English Literature, economics, geography, Chinese History, History among others. Purely H2 Arts and Humanities include English language and Linguistics, Chinese, Malay and Tamil literature and Theatre Studies and drama among others. For commerce groups subjects offered at H2 are Principles of Accounting and Business Management and at H1 economics. Other subjects include General paper offered as a H1 subject and Knowledge and inquiry as a H2 subject. This is the world of JC Tuition.

If your children had an upper secondary tuition tutor they are way ahead because their tutor would have already advised them what subject combinations are going to be most suitable for them at Junior college. However, if your children do not have a tutor now they are in Junior College, it is not too late, to request for a JC tuition tutor. This way, they will be helped to navigate the new world of more complex subjects and higher ways of thinking and doing exams.

JC teachers try their level best to give their students all the information and learning in class but they are also restricted by time and other activities they have to attend to in the course of their duties such as setting exams and marking them without mentioning preparing lesson notes and issuing assignments and supervising students. They are also overwhelmed by a good number of students in class noting that the ratio of teacher to student at JC college classes are higher than that of secondary schools. With these challenges for a student, only enrolling in a JC tuition programme can help a serious student make it. So do not hesitate to get the necessary information as soon as possible for hiring a JC tuition tutor from PSJ, you will not regret it.


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