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General Paper or GP, as is commonly abbreviated is a paper that comprises the general knowledge of current affairs. It also tests the students' essay writing skills, concise defending and arguing out for or critiquing opinions, summary skills, reading and comprehending passages and the contents while summarizing the same. General paper is made difficult by the fact that there is no standard text on it as its syllabus is shaped by what the current world affairs are.

What's the Point of Studying GP? Why Should I Hire a GP Tutor For My Children?

It helps students read widely outside of the classroom to enlighten themselves on what is going on in the world around them. It does not help to have ignorant educated students who know a lot of memorized theories but cannot relate whatever they are learning to the real world. GP also enables students to use their knowledge in class to come up with real solutions to real problems. It exercises their reading, comprehending and writing skills to communicate and extrapolate issues in any given passage while being concise and to the point. General paper sharpens the ken of students and brushes up their English fluency too. A GP tutor can also help your children to improve their English as well.

Where in the World Will GP Be Useful for My Children?

Skills learnt in answering GP exam questions are utilized in every sphere of life professionally and socially. This is the only subject that teaches students soft life skills as it encourages them to view life in a broad manner and use the skills to make decisions, organize thought processes before actualizing them in actions, written or spoken speech, prioritize tasks, research and gather useful information. It gives students the sharp edge in any choice of profession they will enter into because they will have to think critically to solve any problems they will encounter. GP is particularly very helpful for aspiring lawyers, literature and English teachers and professors, politicians, researchers, poets, authors, judges, magistrates, the police, detectives, religious leaders, administrators, managers in all spheres and so many more careers and don't forget your children's GP tutor and class teacher.

Why Get Extra GP Tuition? Where a GP Tutor fits in.

General Paper may seem very pointless and burdening to students in A-levels and junior college but it is a very key H1 subject. No one student can decide to memorize by rote any particular topic and pass. The gist of a GP paper is in the way students write out the paper in relation to what is being tested. The answer to learning the techniques and strategies of answering GP questions is to get a well qualified GP tutor who understands how to tackle any question that a GP exam paper will present. With a superb GP tutor from our Tuition Agency, your children will master the skills involved in studying for and passing a GP exam. They will give your children numerous examples of past papers to practice answering the questions with and help them correct their question answering techniques, unlocking the potential to think critically and logically which is a much needed skill in the real world.




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