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English in Singapore is one of the languages that unites all the country's diverse language groups from native Singaporeans, Chinese, Indians and other smaller ethnic groups from around the Asian Peninsula. English is a core subject across all the formal education strata in Singapore. Standard English is one of the four official languages in Singapore and is highly encouraged by the government. With a good English tutor in Singapore, mastering the English language is possible.

So Why Do We Study English?

Except in other taught languages in Singapore education system, every other subject examination papers are written in the English Language from Pre School all the way up to institutions of higher learning. English is also used as a business language in trade between Singaporeans and foreigners, and an official language in all government circles and media. Seeing that English is highly used not just in schools but also in every day communication, it is important to give children a head start by getting them a highly qualified English tutor in Singapore from the PSJ Tuition Agency. The English tutor in Singapore will not only give your child a sound basic foundation in the English language to read, speak and understand the language in spoken and written form but they will also be able to comprehend exam questions for other subjects and answer them well. For the wider world of work and life, studying English also allows the learner to express themselves confidently in writing, speech and argue out points concisely and coherently. Learning good English skills also teach students how to read diverse materials for comprehension, summarise it well and make precise conclusions.

Where is English used?

Other than the usual basic places mentioned previously, many might ask the question in relation to what career value English has except being an English teacher, professor or English tutor in Singapore. There are many outlets for careers for people who decide to major in the English language. Playwrights use English as their tool of work, so do movie and television screenplay writers, as well as journalists, lawyers, public relations and advertising copywriters, librarians, marketers, researchers, editors, radio and T.V presenters, actors, book publishers, archivists and a wide range of managerial and administrative careers. Do not compromise your child's career path by not getting a good English tutor in Singapore to get them ahead. It pays to give special attention to this vital subject.

Why Get Extra English Tuition?

Singapore is blessed to have a diversity of cultures with a melting pot of many languages, however this influence sometimes works against the proper mastery of the English Language, most predominantly Singlish, which is a corrupted version of the English language with Malay and Chinese language mixes. With an English tutor from Singapore qualified to teach the English language as outlined by the MOE, your child will not go wrong. Our English tutors who are current and ex MOE teachers know the right areas to target when tutoring your child in the English language. Particularly because the Singaporean child is more often than not brought up speaking their mother tongue, they will have these other language influences in their written and spoken English language. To counter this and teach children the correct grammar and syntax for the English language it is important that a private tutor is engaged to catch these nuances and correct them early.


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