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Chinese is one of the four official languages in Singapore. It is also a mother tongue to half the Singapore population. It is a compulsory language in school particularly the formal primary and secondary school levels. With this in mind there is no escaping the learning of Chinese for school children. It is an essential part of their school curriculum and also a way of communicating officially and socially. We have the best Chinese tutor in Singapore programme that allows your child to be taught in an environment where they are not pressured to understand the language and grasp its intricate writing forms and reading.

So Why Do We Study Chinese?

The most basic reason of course is to communicate effectively with the 1 in 5 people in the world who speak Chinese but the language is an open door to the world of business not only in Singapore but also in China and Chinese speaking populations such as Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, Malaysia and Brunei who also speak Chinese. Chinese is not only a language but gives any student of Chinese the key to understanding the rich Chinese culture and traditions. The Chinese people have a long and proud heritage which Singaporeans share as they form a part of the population. Our Chinese tutor in Singapore have intricate knowledge of Chinese and China being an emerging giant economy with many trade opportunities will inadvertently require that your child be prepared for the future by learning this essential language. With this background, only a Chinese tutor in Singapore can help your child get a good foundation in the Chinese language so that when they are out of school they are not struggling to learn the language in order to fit into the society.

Where is Chinese used?

The Chinese language is used in many forums professionally, the most common being Chinese tutor in Singapore, Chinese language teachers in all levels of education in Singapore and internationally. Business people from all over Singapore also use the Chinese language. Multilingual people who have Chinese as one of their language proficiencies can work as translators and transcribers for international bodies such as the United Nations, the world bank and other international trade blocks where Chinese speakers play a great role. Do not let your child fall behind in learning such an important language when you can get a Chinese tutor in Singapore to impart this precious language to them at a very reasonable cost and with the most flexible schedules at yours and your child's convenience.

Why Get Extra Chinese Tuition?

The Chinese tutor in Singapore knows what is expected by the MOE standards of teaching the Chinese language. Our tutors will deliver the best practical ways of learning the language at any level to make your child a proficient user of written and spoken Chinese language. The tutor will give your child the edge they need even for exams and practically enjoy the language as they learn it. Your child will learn Chinese in school but give them the edge that will make them stand out from the crowd through our home tuition agency. It will also make you proud to have a competent multilingual child.


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