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Getting into Junior College was not a joke and staying there can prove to be more difficult than most students think. The studies are like mini university crash courses with only 2 years to grasp very complex subjects with an even more complex selection system where the subjects are categorised into H1, H2 and H3 subjects. The system confuses students at the very beginning since many may not even know where to start in choosing the best combination of subjects that suit them to take when they enter JC1 or first year of junior college. Welcome to A level tuition.

Whatever choice of combinations in the arts and humanities stream or science stream one takes is very crucial to what one will end up studying at the university and the subjects one takes needs to be carefully chosen at entry in JC 1. To escape getting overwhelmed by whatever subject one chooses to do, it is therefore paramount that an A level tuition teacher be enlisted as soon as possible to avoid disappointing results. Teachers are available particularly for H1 and H2 Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Math as well as Humanities and Arts subjects such as History, English or mother tongue literature, geography or any other combinations that one has chosen to undertake. Since many students who choose to do science based subjects are usually not gifted in the humanities and arts and vice versa, it is recommended that they take extra A level tuition coaching in the contrasting subjects they are weak in to help them improve their overall grades and better understanding of them.

Knowing how difficult it is to track a busy junior college teacher after classes to have one on one consultations on JC tuition questions and extra lessons, it is best to get fresh perspectives from an independent JC tutor who not only knows how the system works but is also there for you at any of the scheduled times convenient to both of you when you have requested their assistance and who will also take the time to answer all nagging and difficult questions to help you understand what was taught in class.

When exam time comes they are on hand to bring you as many past paper questions that will enable you to get an idea of what to expect in the exams and also how to answer the questions as framed in as many versions as possible. If you want to make it a more lively discussion, you can get your close friends together and get a common A level private tutor who will be more than happy to conduct the extra coaching for you since small group learning will give you the encouragement that you are not facing the arduous journey alone. Once you have satisfied yourself that you need A level tuition, it is the beginning of successfully entering into university and also the path to a very illustrious and well paying career, it will be well worth the effort.


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